CCT: Benton, Suzanne

{Storytelling Artist}


Suzanne Benton
{Suzanne Benton}
Program: Suzanne uses her sculpted metal masks to transform herself and bring life to narratives from myth, history, sacred text, folklore, and life story. By experiencing the physical and spiritual dimensions of these masks, we explore body movement and narrative improvisation. Faces emerge and grow as people involve themselves and experience self-unfolding. The role of the mask offers an in-depth experience that stretches the imagination. Workshop participants create masks with a mix of materials.

Requirements: Call for information.

Audience: Adults/Seniors

Fees: Public performances: $2,000; Workshops: $500 - $6,000. Plus travel and lodging.

Contact Information:
Suzanne Benton
22 Donnelly Drive, Ridgefield, CT 06877