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Carol Glynn specializes in theater, writing, dramatics, and kinesthetic curriculum activities. With energy and humor, Carol becomes each character and digs to the heart of every story, issue, and curriculum connection. Performances include: Grades 3-6 & Family: "Connecticut Legends;" K-5 and Family: "Bullies and Other Worries," "Fractured & Funky Tales (What Goes Around Comes Around)," "Worldwind Tales," and "Wacky Wisdom." Residencies include curriculum workshops, classroom productions, and professional development seminars. Audience participation is part of the show.

Requirements: 10 x 15 space, microphones for seminars.

Audience: All ages

Fees: Performance: $425 and up; Workshops: $375 and up; Residencies: day rate x days.

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Carol J. Glynn