CCT: Masque

{Theater Artist}


"ANIMAN" is an introduction to the oldest functional art form created by humans the mask. The mask is sacred, entertaining, a teaching tool, mysterious, exciting, and playful. Masque demonstrates these ideas in quick succession or in a slower deliberate format through movement, music, and the mask. Non-verbal and half masks (character masks), which allow the use of voice, are also demonstrated. A production of "This World, the Next and Then the
Peach Orchard" is available for theatres.

Requirements: 6 - 9 table, two armless chairs, electrical outlet.

Audience: All ages

Fees: Public performances: $650 - $900; Residencies: $1,100; Family performances: $1,900.

Contact Information:
Larry Hunt
P.O. Box 576, Bethlehem, CT 06751