CCT: Shakesperience Productions, Inc.

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Shakesperience Productions, Inc.
{Shakesperiance Productions}
Program: Shakesperience presents workshops and theatre performances celebrating, examining, and experiencing human experience. School programs include thought provoking, socially aware, and performances of curriculum-appropriate literature for all ages and grade levels, as well as Shakesperience Interactive Workshops, Folklore Interactive Workshops, custom residency programs, and teacher training. Programs include pre- and post-program talk-backs and study guides. Acting classes are held in-studio weekly during the year and expanded during the summer. Non-school performances include a spring comedy and Shakespeare in Library Park.

Requirements: Flexible.

Audience: All ages

Fees: Public performances: $875 - $1,200; Workshops: $875 and up; Residency/teacher training: $875 and up.

Contact Information:
Shakesperience Productions, Inc.
117 Bank Street, Waterbury, CT 06702