CCT: Kaufman, Geoff

{Folk Music Artist}

Geoff Kaufman
{Geoff Kaufman}
Geoff draws on folk traditions ranging from ancient balladry to contemporary compositions to craft presentations on a wide variety of subjects. His "History of Note" programs cover African influence on American music, the Civil War, the Depression, and more, while his "Tree of Life" program brings a vibrant focus to environmental concerns through music. Geoff sings and plays guitar, concertina, whistle, and traditional percussion instruments. Residency activities include lecture/demonstrations, workshops, and interactive school performances.

Requirements: Flexible.

Audience: School age and Adults/Seniors

Fees: Public performances: $400 and up; Residencies: $500 and up.

Contact Information:
Geoff Kaufman
194 Thames Street, New London, CT 06320