CCT: Herscovitch, Lara

{Folk Music Artist}

Lara Herscovitch
{Lara Herscovitch}
An award-winning, modern singer-songwriter, Lara Herscovitch masterfully blends modern acoustic/folk with pop, jazz, blues and Latin influences. Connecticut State Troubadour (2009-2010), she is "above and beyond the pack" with a voice ³clear and smooth like expensive liquor² (Northeast Performer). Poetry meets melody in a one-of-a-kind combination.

Program may include one to three musicians: most performances are Lara solo (voice, guitar); can present in duo format (with added guitar, piano, or bass), or trio.

Requirements: Negotiable.

Audience: : Teens to Older Adults

Fees: Depend on program / number of band members.

Contact Information:
Lara Herscovitch
P.O. Box 719, Durham, CT 06422