CCT: Negrura Peruana


{Folklife & Traditional Arts Artist}

Negrura Peruana
{Negrura Peruana}
Members of Connecticut’s growing Peruvian population, Negrura Peruana performs the dynamic music and dance of Peru’s African population. The musicians combine vocals with percussion instruments such as the cajón (a wooden box that the musician sits on and drums); the quijada de burro (the jaw of a horse); the campana (a cowbell); bongos; and guitars. Song styles include the Festejo, Landó, Alcatraz, and Zamacueca.

Requirements: 15’ by 15’ dance floor.

Audience: All ages

Fees: $250 and up. Negotiable for schools and nonprofit organizations.

Contact Information:
Gustavo Chavez
386 Hills Street, East Hartford, CT 06118