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{Storytelling Artist}


Tom Hanford
{Tom Hanford}
Tom offers stories and songs with guitar, harmonicas, and violin in two programs for children. Programs include "Musical Menagerie" a collection of animal songs; and "Chimneyside Tales" songs and stories of historic America, especially New England and New York. There are four versions: "A Lyrical Life," "Songs of the Sea," "Waterbound!" and "Christmas in America" (ideal for age 6 to 11). Rock and roll, calypso, folk, and original material ideal for ages 3 to 7. Workshops available.

Requirements: 12 x 20 space, electrical outlet.

Audience: School age

Fees: Public performances: $300 up to $1,000 (with additional performers). Must be held in conjunction with one or more performances on the same day.

Contact Information:
Tom Hanford
P.O. Box 90, Goshen, CT 06756