CCT: Bird, Leslie/Women of the Cross (WOTC)

{Folklife & Traditional Arts Artist}

Leslie Bird & Women of the Cross
{Women of the Cross}
The group’s repertoire includes: "Stories of My Sisters," a performance piece that echoes the experience of Black womanhood and explores issues of family, differences, love, and bonding through personal stories, movement, and original songs. "Flying Home," a collaborative piece, with an African American theme uses original songs to address racism and diversity. "Time In," a multi-arts piece, incorporates the voices of women inmates at York Correctional Institution. Songwriting workshops explore family, racial identity, and spirituality.

Requirements: 10’ x 4’ stage and three microphones.

Audience: All ages

Fees: Performances: $600 - $1500; Workshops: $300 to $1,000. Negotiable.

Judy Dworin Performance Project, Inc. (JDPP)
233 Pearl Street, Hartford, CT 06103