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Last Fair Deal

{Last Fair Deal}
Last Fair Deal is an Americana band delivering high-energy performances drawing on swing, old-time string band, acoustic rock, folk, bluegrass, and jug band music, with additional blues, jazz, and Celtic influences. Featuring four lead and harmony singers, the band members are multi-instrumentalists, accompanying themselves on guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, 5-string bass, bouzouki, accordion, and harmonica. They perform original songs from their four CDs and their unreleased new material, plus their own distinctive arrangements of a wide variety of music, including the Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Band, Hank Williams, Jimmy Martin, John Hiatt, Dan Hicks, and John Hartford, among others.  

Requirements: The band can provide their own sound or use the venue’s sound system. Please call for information.

Audience: All ages

Fees: Performances $850 and up; will work with government agencies and nonprofit organizations to try to meet their budget constraints. Additional workshop to a performance  $400. Call for additional information.

Contact Information:

Marcia Goodman, Bookings
Last Fair Deal, P. O. Box 1034, Cromwell, CT 06416