CCT: Roth, Brad

{Dance Artist}


Brad Roth
{Brad Roth}
Program: Brad offers studies in modern dance, improvisation, dance composition, folk and social forms, and shared-ability/inclusive dance to students of all ages and abilities. Formats include one-day workshops and multi-day residencies. Curricular connections can be made to any subject through activation of the studentís bodily/kinesthetic sense. Work is process-oriented, with informal student performances integrated into the learning experience. Brad can also perform solo works, or perform with his interdisciplinary improvisation trio Cartoondancemusic, which includes dancing accompanied by piano and projected cartoons created "in the moment."

Requirements: Open space. A planning day is required for multi-day residencies.

Audience: All ages

Fees: Workshops and residencies: $250 - $400 per day.

Contact Information:
Brad Roth
ilford, CT