CCT: Dworin, Judy

  {Dance Artist}

Judy Dworin
{Judy Dworin}
Program: Judy specializes in movement, dance, inter-arts collaborations, autobiographical storytelling, and expressive writing. "Moving Matters!" is an educational residency program founded on the belief that movement and the arts can and do make a difference in people’s lives, opening up worlds of self-knowledge and awareness, expanding cognitive skills, and providing tools for living. Workshops explore movement as a source of expression and offer rich opportunities for interdisciplinary and inter-arts learning. Students create performance pieces inspired by global and local contemporary issues and personal stories.

Requirements: Open space, radio/CD player, and electrical outlet.

Audience: All ages

Fees: Workshops: $250 and up; Residencies: $500 and up. Negotiable.

Contact Information:
Judy Dworin
Hartford, CT