CCT: Kachuba, Mike

{Music Artist}


Mike Kachuba, Connecticut State Troubadour, 1996
{Mike Kachuba}
Program: Mike’s residencies focus on writing and storytelling as a form of communication and a method for developing writing skills. Residencies can emphasize theme, plot, and character development or highlight the interconnectedness of music and math. Mike uses music to teach math concepts such as counting, fractions, and equivalencies, and math to teach rhythm, beat, and melody. Residency topics include: "Song Writing from the Curriculum;" "Literature to Lyrics;" "The Language of Art and The Music of Math;" and more.

Requirements: Flip charts and markers.

Audience: School age

Fees: Call for information.

Contact Information:
Young Audiences of Connecticut
3074 Whitney Ave. Bldg. 2, Hamden, CT 06518
203- 230-8101