CCT: Abo-Hamzy, Ameen-Storm

{Writing & Poetry Artist}

Ameen-Storm Abo-Hamzy
{Ameen-Storm Abo-Hamzy}
Program: Ameen-Storm provides poetry workshops, performances, and multiple-day residencies that provide audiences with a rich experience. Ameenís teaching has helped thousands of young writers gain invaluable "tools" needed to create great poems. One learns to write and interpret poetry, while improving writing and knowledge of language.

Requirements: Chalkboard/flip chart, writing materials, name tags, folders/binders.

Audience: All ages

Fees: Performances: $500; Workshops/professional development: $800 - $1000; Residencies: $250 - $500 per day and up.

Contact Information:
Ameen-Storm Abo-Hamzy
P.O. Box 381, Falls Village, CT 06031