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{Writing & Poetry Artist}


Doe Boyle
{Doe Boyle}
Author and editor Doe Boyle provides workshops, multiple-day residencies, and professional development workshops in creative and expository writing. Programs are customized with special focuses on short story, poetry, personal narrative, memoir, expository writing, and the revision of troubled manuscripts. Residencies may be linked to science and social studies, and will address state standards. Song writing, playwriting, and performance arts integrations are encouraged. Residencies can include field studies at related art museums, nature preserves, or science centers. Writing focus may be correlated to a study of special exhibitions or masterworks.

Requirements: Blackboard/easel, writing surfaces, supplies
and materials.

Audience: All ages

Fees: Full-Day Workshops (up to four classes): $700; Multi-day residencies: $3,000 and up; Teacher workshops: $800.

Contact Information:
Doe Boyle
Madison, CT