CCT: Dulen-Jennings, Eileen

{Theater Artist}


Eileen Dulen-Jennings
{Eileen Dulen-Jennings}
Eileen is a multi-disciplinary artist who uses theatre and non-verbal communication to help students deepen their understanding of science, math, fiction/non-fiction texts, and history. Residencies are tailored to the curriculum and can focus on writing for science, inquiry-based understanding of text, and elaborative writing skills. Professional development workshops provide teachers with a hands-on approach to understanding how to utilize the arts to teach standards-based curriculum. Eileen works with district text and program requirements.

Requirements: Open space, charting, and writing materials.

Audience: Preschool and School age 

Fees: Multi-day residencies: $2,400 - $3,750; Workshops: $400; Teacher workshops: $750 - $1,000.

Contact Information:
Eileen Dulen-Jennings
Bolton, CT