CCT: Trowbridge, Marcella

{Theater Artist}


Marcella Trowbridge
{Marcella Trowbridge}
Marcella brings Shakespeare to life and develops original material for performance. She unlocks Shakespeare through movement, meter, and emotion. Residencies include: "Shakespeare Alive!," often offered in combination with a performance of "Woman’s Will;" a Shakespeare collection; and Ensemble-Created New Works, which generates and develops material from students’ own life perspectives, and combines original text and movement work while accessing historical and literary resources. Residencies may be tied with English or Social Studies curricula and can have a student performance outcome.

Requirements: Open space.

Audience: School age and Adults/Seniors 

Fees: Residencies: $500 per day - $6,000 multi-day; Workshops: $300 and up.

Contact Information:
Marcella Trowbridge
Middletown, CT
860- 346-4390