CCT: Whitaker, Theresa

{Theater Artist}


Teresa Whitaker
{Theresa Whitaker}
Teresa tells original stories, traditional myths, and folktales, weaving in participatory music with guitar, harp, and percussion instruments. Teresa facilitates workshops and residencies that encourage vital participation in the oral tradition. Residency focus may be on learning to tell stories, creating new stories, oral history projects, or creating a lullaby tradition. Residencies and workshops provide educators with ways to retell stories, deepen ethnic literacy, place personal stories in historical contexts, understand the importance of the oral tradition, and develop performance skills.

Requirements: Assemblies: sound system, two microphones
with stands; Residencies: open space.

Audience: All ages

Fees: Multi-day residencies: $2,800 and up;
Teacher workshops: $500 and up.

Contact Information:
Teresa Whitaker
West Suffield, CT