CCT: Tyler, Elizabeth Rowland

{Visual Artist}


Elizabeth Rowland Tyler
{Elizabeth Rowland Tyler}
Program: By helping students make something "real," Elizabeth helps them focus on re-defining relationships, developing skills, and creativity. Through the hands-on problem solving techniques of a sculptor, Beth’s students make things that exist in space and stand on their own. Students develop understanding in building, balance, sequence, design, material choice, and three-dimensionality. Materials might include clay, items found in nature, wire, paints, etc. Length and frequency of sessions varies according to presenter’s goals and developmental capacity of the learner.

Requirements: Electrical outlets, access to water, tables, material, and supplies.

Audience: All ages

Fees: $325 per day and up.

Contact Information:
Elizabeth Rowland Tyler
Storrs, CT
860-487-3978 or 860-367-6407