CCT: Neumann, Maureen

{Visual Artist}


Maureen Neumann
{Maureen Neumann}
Program: Maureen shares a broad range of skills including maskmaking, painting on fabric/tiles, bookmaking, watercolor, and reproducing masterpieces from museums. She uses art to create metaphors that enhance literacy by integrating literature, history, and social issues into visual formats. Workshops explore literary works through art, integrate museum resources into a visual arts curriculum through visiting exhibits/permanent collections, and build visual thinking skills that connect art content to academic context. Projects require pre-planning.

Requirements: Art room, slide projector, screen and overhead projectors, art materials.

Audience: School age and Adults/Seniors

Fees: Residencies: $500 per day and up;
Professional development: $1,000 and up plus materials.

Contact Information:
Maureen Neumann
Hamden, CT