CCT: Brien, Joseph

  {Visual Artist}

Joseph Jude Brien - Lost Art Creative Programs
{Joeseph Brein}
Program: Joe’s programs in puppetry, sculpture, mask making, 3-dimensional model making, and traditional woodworking, can be presented as stand-alone workshops or  multi-day residencies or combined with lessons on outdoor skills (orienteering, fire-by-friction, spoon carving, cordage making). The programs teach valuable practical skills such as fastening techniques, measurement, safe tool usage, and creative problem solving while engaging participants in handcrafting a three-dimensional work of art. Curricular connections include: American history, world culture, science, math, Native American culture, literature, and more. Custom programs and curriculum-development collaborations are available.

Requirements: Access to sinks, electrical outlets; Outdoor Skills/Woodworking: pavilion/tent, access to a wooded area, and fireplace/charcoal grill.

Audience: School age and Adults/Seniors

Fees: Multi-day residencies: $3000; Demonstrations: $350 and up; Workshops: $500 and up.

Contact Information:
Joseph Jude Brien – Lost Art Creative Programs
P.O. Box 415, Falls Village, CT 06031- 0415