CCT: Engler, Larry

{Theater Artist}
Larry Engler
{Larry Engler}
Program: Larry provides residencies for students and educators in all aspects of puppetry. Residency topics include making puppets, bringing puppets to life, integrating puppetry into the curriculum, the history and multi-cultural roots of puppetry, and creative dramatics. In professional development workshops, teachers explore ways to involve students in creating puppet shows based on selected stories or historical events. Teachers also learn to construct easy-to-make, hand-held puppets using inexpensive materials and are introduced to basic puppet performance and manipulation techniques.

Requirements: Rooms with worktables and chairs are ideal.

Audience: School age 

Fees: Workshops: $560 - $830 per day; Multi-day residencies: $2,230 - $3,375.

Contact Information:
Young Audiences of Connecticut