CCT: Fortier, Kristin Rhea

{Visual Artist}


Kristin Rhea Fortier 
{Kristin Rhea Fortier}
Program: Kristin designs mural programs that inspire participants to the creative process.  Her programs foster interpersonal and group connection along with school/community/environment relationships.  Participants learn how artwork and ideas can positively influence others, and gain self-worth while bringing beauty to their surroundings. Mural programs may include: journaling, discussion, critique, brainstorming, and self-reflection. Murals can be formatted and designed to address specific Learning Content Standards in collaboration with teacher and school goals. Varying stages of planning, design, and implementation of a mural can be included in the residency. Cross curriculum connections are encouraged.

Requirements: Large open area, tables, chairs, sink access, extension cord, overhead projector, ladders, cleaning supplies.

Audience: Grades K-12, At Risk/Youth Organizations, After School programs, mental health and wellness facilities, youth detention centers, students with disabilities. Ideally groups of 6-12 or rotating 3-4 students. Can vary.

Fees: General: $350/day. Average-3 Week Residency (16 hour total): $2,500. Multi-Day Residency: $1,250 - $3,000. Negotiable.

Contact Information:
Kristin Rhea Fortier
Willimantic, CT