CCT: Pribila, Rosemary

{Visual Artist}


Rosemary Pribila 

Program: Rosemary specializes in printmaking and uses integrated art acti {Rosemary Pribila} vities to enhance the curriculum. She uses a variety of mixed media, placing emphasis on the creative process, imagination, and emotion.  With over ten years of Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Schools experience, she will help adapt her versatile portfolio of lessons to serve any curricula.  She will meet with teachers to plan a residency that will support State Standards and local objectives.  Her proven methods and initiatives will foster a creative environment while developing deep enduring understandings, thus inspiring students and teachers alike to facilitate their own extensions for future exploration and independent learning.  

Requirements: Room with sink, tables, and paper (Printmaking inks and brayers if possible).

Audience: All ages.

Fees: Workshops/Residencies: $350 session and up.

Contact Information:
Rosemary Pribila
Wolcott, CT