CCT: Mortensen, Judith

{Multi-Disciplinary Artist}

Judith Mortensen
{Judith Mortensen photo}
Program: Judith is a dancer and visual and expressive artist known for her expertise in crafting a space where people of all ages and abilities discover their creativity. She offers arts workshops, residencies, and professional development that support your organization’s mission… for students in schools, patients in healthcare, children and adults in community. Judith invites participants to imagine their vision for learning, health and well-being, community building, and a healthier planet, coming alive through the mask, visual arts, the written and spoken word, creative movement, and imagery!

Requirements: Open space for movement with a water source, large tables.

Audience:  All ages, all abilities.

Fees: Workshops and Residences: $500 to $700 per day; Professional development: $800

Contact Information: 
Judith Mortensen
Newington, CT 06111