CCT: Cantilena Trio

{Classical Music Artist}


The Cantilena Trio
{Cantilena Trio}
The Cantilena Trio performs the chamber music of the classical, romantic, and contemporary periods in libraries, schools, festivals, and churches throughout the east coast. The trio consists of clarinet, cello, and piano, and covers the works of F. Ries, L.V. Beethoven, F.J. Haydn, F. Mendelssohn, J. Brahms, V. d’Indy, W.A. Mozart, C. Reinecke, C.P.E. Bach, M. Glinka, and others. Residencies include composition and performance master classes, lecture/demonstrations, interactive school performances, and ensemble instruction.

Requirements: Tuned piano (A=440 cps), two armless chairs, electrical outlet.

Audience: School age and Adults/Seniors

Fees: Performances: $300 - $1,500; Residencies: $800 and up.

Contact Information:
Richard B. Barnes, The Cantilena Trio
534 Bethmour Road, Bethany, CT 06524