CCT: Pere, Bill

{Folk Music Artist}


Bill Pere,  Connecticut State Troubadour, 1995

{Bill Pere}

Program: Bill has perfected the art of integrating many different subjects through music and demonstration. Topics include: Connecticut history, songwriting, math, music and technology, probability and decision-making, invention and creativity, effective communication, constructive use of differences, character education, service learning, scientific method, and careers in arts and science. Presentations can be solo, duo, or ensemble. Workshops and residency programs are available. Songwriting workshops include master classes and performance.

Requirements: Raised stage, electrical outlets, two tables.

Audience: All ages

Fees: Public performance: $300 - $1,500; Residencies: $600. Negotiable.

Contact Information:
Bill Pere
P.O. Box 511, Mystic, CT 06355