CCT: Shapiro, Ann & Tom Callinan

{Folk Music Artist}


Ann Shapiro & Tom Callinan
{Ann Shapiro and Tom Callinan}
Program: Ann and Tom incorporate humor, tandem-telling, vocal harmonies, and an array of string, wind, and percussion instruments into their participatory multi-cultural presentations. Their extensive repertoire is available to community centers, libraries, museums, schools, folk clubs, coffeehouses, festivals, and radio and television. Individually, and as a duo, they regularly conduct school residencies and present assembly programs integrating music and storytelling into a variety of curricula for all ages.

Requirements: 20 x 8 stage preferred, one 20-amp circuit. Duo provides its own P.A. for most performances. Tech-sheet is available.

Audience: All ages

Fees: Performances: $750 and up; Residencies: $500 - $3,000. Negotiable.

Contact Information:
Tom Callinan, Crackerbarrel Entertainments
55 East Town Street, Norwich, CT 06360