CCT: Morgans, The

{Folk Music Artist}


The Morgans
{The Morgans}
The Morgans offer their toe-tapping tunes that hail from both sides of the Atlantic. Sea chanteys, done in multi-part harmonies, punctuated by the primal beat of bodhrans, recall the days of wooden ships and iron men. Since many of the players are multi-instrumentalists, audiences are exposed to a wide assortment of traditional wind, string, and percussion instruments. The band’s ability to play with three to six musicians allows the group to match budgets.

Requirements: 20’ x 10’ stage, two 20 amp circuits.

Audience: All ages

Fees: $1,200 and up.

Contact Information:
Tom Callinan, Crackerbarrel Entertainments
55 East Town Street, Norwich, CT 06360