CCT: Afro-Semitic Experience

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Afro-Semitic Experience
{Afro-Semitic Experiance}
The Afro-Semitic Experience is a collective of Jewish-American and African-American musicians from diverse backgrounds. Their repertoire, which comes from the Jewish synagogue and the African-American church, merges many elements of their cultures, giving it a strong spiritual center. Through stories and music they create an accessible musical landscape that expresses the common messages of their people messages of community, freedom, and working together.

Requirements: 16 x 12 performance space, PA system with monitors and sound person, tuned piano.

Audience: All ages

Fees: $4,000 - $6,000.

Thia Knowlton at Golden Land Concerts and Connections
45 East 33 Street, Suite 605, New York, NY 10016
212-683-7816 or