CCT: O'Donnell, PV, and Friends

{Folklife & Traditional Arts Artist}


PV O’Donnell and Friends
{PV O}
Program: PV O’Donnell and Friends perform traditional Irish music, song, and dance. From the riotous rhythm of a reel and the quiet evocative love ballad to the intricate melodic lines of a slow air and the slate-loosening driving song, the show is a moving experience. The rhythms, moods, and nuances are interwoven with poetry and humor in programs that include two to 10 performers. The group is available for symphony appearances, concerts, festivals, workshops, and interactive school performances.

Requirements: 24’ x 20’ space with wood floor or other surface suitable for step dancing. PA system with monitors and minimum of 10 inputs.

Audience: All ages

Fees: Negotiable.

Contact Information:
PV O’Donnell
P.O. Box 8207, Manchester, CT 06042