CCT: Gonzalez, Ray

{Folklife & Traditional Arts Artist}


Ray Gonzalez
{Ray Gonzalez}
Ray Gonzalez and His Orchestra are comprised of nine professional musicians under the musical direction of Ray Gonzalez. The ensemble’s repertoire highlights Afro-Antilles rhythms such as salsa, merengue, bolero, and Latin Jazz. Ray is presently the music director at Guakia, Inc., a school of Hispanic music, art and culture and founder and director of Guakibomjazz, a Latin jazz youth orchestra in Connecticut.

Requirements: 8’ x 10‘ space, electrical outlet, and a tuned piano.

Audience: All ages

Fees: $2,300 and up.

Contact Information:
Ray Gonzalez
30 Harvard Street, Hartford, CT 06106
860-953-3310 or 860-524-9555
Fax: 860-548-9117