CCT: Marlow, Janet, The Sound of Magic & Music

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Janet Marlow’s The Magic of Sound & Music
{Janet Marlow}
Janet teaches young people to understand how sound and music can bring greater awareness of their living environment and develop compassion for animals. Janet’s program features singing and guitar, Rags – a terrier certified for public programming, a screening of her Animal Planet TV Show, and interactive demonstrations on the science of sound. Residency activities include lecture/demonstrations, workshops, and interactive school performances.

Requirements: 16’ x 12’ space, PowerPoint projector, microphone, sound system.

Audience: School age

Fees: School performances: $375 - $500; Residencies: $975 plus expenses.

Contact Information:
Janet Marlow
P.O. Box 945, Litchfield, CT 06759
860-567-9217 or 860-459-8000 (cell) or