CCT: Coppola, Michael

{Jazz Music Artist}


Michael Coppola
{Michael Coppola}
Michael plays a program of virtuoso music encompassing a myriad of musical styles on a one-of-a-kind nine-string guitar, which he created. Audiences will be treated to solo guitar arrangements of jazz works from masters such as Ellington and Coltrane, classical pieces by Mozart and Chopin, pop music from the Beatles and the Yes Band, and the country styles of Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed.

Requirements: 5 x 5 space, electrical outlet. For large spaces, a PA system with two microphones and two boom stands are needed.

Audience:  All ages

Fees: $400 - $650, plus out-of-state travel.

Contact Information:
Michael Coppola
12 Woods-Grove Road, Shelton, CT 06484