CCT: Lee, Tom

{Storytelling Artist}


Tom Lee
{Tom Lee}
Tom tells traditional stories, folktales, and myths to children and adults. He performs in school classrooms and assemblies, as well as for museums, festivals, libraries, and theaters. School programs present a range of engaging, authentic stories from world cultures and ancient civilizations, carefully designed to support the curricula, standards, and framework for grades K-12 in Connecticut schools. Workshop 1: "Elements of Narrative: Supporting writer’s craft." Workshop 2: "Story and History: Exploring
the cultural context of stories from ancient civilizations."

Requirements: Sound needed for groups of 200 or more.

Audience: School age and Adults/Seniors

Fees: School performances: $710 and up;

Residencies: $2,985 and up.

Contact Information:
Tom Lee
65 Middlesex Avenue, Chester, CT 06412
860-526-4600 or 888-659-3052