CCT: McQuillan, Jeff / DrumTales

{Storytelling Artist}


Jeff McQuillan/DrumTales, Connecticut State Troubadour, 1998
{Jeff McQuillan}
Program: Jeff uses his drum to tell tales from around the globe, like African princess, Baduasemanpensa; Chamakunda, the donkey-man; Sebastiana Bartolotta; and Anansi the Spider. Learn an African dance step, a song, or a rhythm game as you become part of the story. Jeff involves his audience in thought and in action. Workshop activities include one-hour story-plays, drum circles, music and math, salsa music, and dance. University master classes and lecture demonstrations available.

Requirements: Flexible.

Audience: All ages

Fees: Public performances: $375 and up; Workshops: $250; Residencies: Negotiable.

Contact Information:
Jeffry D. McQuillan
26 Barnett Street A-22, New Haven, CT 06515