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JuggleJoy Educational Entertainment
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JuggleJoy offers circus-inspired, curriculum-based shows, and workshops designed to enhance science, language arts, physical education, and social studies units. Science shows include: "Why Did the Dinosaur Cross the Road?;" "Reduce, Reuse, Re-unicycle;" and "Sir Isaac Newton Goes to the Circus." Additional shows include American vaudeville history, school year kick-offs/wrap-ups, and reading rallies. Workshops/residencies include physical science and laws of motion; circus skills for physical education; recycling through mask making; dinosaur digs; and storytelling and improvisation.

Requirements: 20 x 15 space; electrical outlet. Duo provides
all materials.

Audience: All ages

Fees: Public performances: $700 and up; Workshops: $450 and up; Residencies: $4,000 per week.

Contact Information:
Keith Hughes or M.J. Moriarty
29 Seymour Avenue, West Hartford, CT 06119