CCT: FireCrow, Joseph

{Folklife & Traditional Arts Artist}

Joseph FireCrow
{Joseph Firecrow}
Through Joseph FireCrow’s mastery of the wooden flute, you’ll experience the love, passion, and affection of the ancient songs of the Cheyenne people. His performances are educational, delivering a strong message of love and respect for all human beings. His albums include "FireCrow," "Cheyenne Nation," "Legend of the Warrior," and "Red Beads."

Requirements: 8’ table, sound system (one vocal microphone with boom stand and sound monitor). Two mic stands for use as prop display stands.

Audience: All ages

Fees: Performance: $750; Workshop: $2,000; Residency: $1,000.

Contact Information:
Joann Moore
P.O. Box 173, Winsted, CT 06098