CCT: Paye, Won-Ldy: The Liberian Storyteller

{Folklife & Traditional Arts Artist}

Won-Ldy Paye: The Liberian Storyteller
{Won-Ldy Paye}
Author, artist, and performer Won-Ldy Paye, brings traditional Liberian stories, music, and mask dances to life. In colorful costumes, he performs stories grounded in the traditional West African storytelling style. The stories, about everyday people and events, incorporate dancing, singing, and audience participation. Won-Ldy’s audiences will delight in the adventures of spiders, people, and animals. His mastery over his work gives the audience a glimpse into African culture to which they can relate.

Requirements: Performance space, PA system, one microphone, electrical plug-in with extension cord, three armless chairs.

Audience: All ages

Fees: Performance: $450 – $1,000. Prices for workshops, lectures, and residency are negotiable.

Contact Information:
Won-Ldy Paye
396 West Preston St., Hartford, CT 06114-2338
860-882-2046 or 860-956-1204