CCT: Troubadour Trails

{Folk Artist}


Troubadour Trails (Jeff McQuillan and Mike Kachuba)

{Troubadour Trails}
Jeff and Mike present a program of original and traditional music using instruments ranging from African, Latin, and Brazilian percussion to the ancient stringed hammered dulcimer, concertina, mountain dulcimer, guitar, bass, and trumpet. In workshops, Jeff teaches drumming, while Mike teaches songwriting. Participants can learn both disciplines culminating in a performance of shared experiences. The workshops can be extended into a multi-day residency tied directly to curriculum in a variety of subject matters.

Requirements: Level performance surface, two chairs, electric outlet.

Audience: All ages

Fees: Public performances: $600 and up; Workshops: $900 and up; Residencies: $1,000 and up.

Contact Information:
Mike Kachuba
174 Anson St., Stratford, CT 06614