CCT: Callinan, Tom

{Folk Music Artist}

Tom Callinan, 1st "Official State Troubadour," 1991-1992

{Tom Callinan}
Program: A full-time creative and performing artist, Tom Callinan is at home with a symphony orchestra, a solo concert, telling stories, raising the rafters with rousing Irish, folk and/or sea songs, or performing original compositions. Tom presents assemblies, workshops, residencies and/or teacher-training for schools, libraries, historical societies, senior centers, nursing homes, and rehabilitation facilities. His repertoire includes an array of musical instruments from the wind, string, and percussion families.

Requirements: 12 x 6 stage, 20-amp circuit.

Audience: All ages

Fees: $500 - $1,500.

Contact Information:
Tom Callinan
Crackerbarrel Entertainments
55 East Town Street, Norwich, CT 06360