CCT: Luongo, Janet

{Multi-Disciplinary Artist}

Janet Luongo, Artists Create Health
{Janet Luongo}
Program: Janet specializes in painting, writing, and speaking. Her programs include: "Look Laugh & Let Go!" an inspirational slide show affirming the creative process; and "Its Hot to Create Health" an interdisciplinary program to help schools adopt healthy lifestyles. Pre-program planning, brainstorming, coordination, and nutrition presentations are available for teachers, as well as post-program documentation with photographs, video, Web sites, and evaluation of the impact of the program on school community.

Requirements: Stage, sound equipment, microphones, large screen, and LCD projector.

Audience: All ages

Fees: Residency $5,000; School performances: $750 - $1,000; Parent/teacher workshops: $500.

Contact Information:
Janet Luongo
49 Creeping Hemlock Drive, Norwalk, CT 06851