CCT: Dougal, Bill

{Contemporary/Pop Music Artist}

Bill Dougal
{Bill Dougal}
Bill presents fun songs with guitar accompaniment that are original and range from silly to serious. Songs include; "Ooey Gooey," "Mr. Gravity," "Halloween," "Big Bill Beluga," and "Be Nice to Your Neighbor." Cartoon visuals illustrate the songs. Also available is Cowboy Billy, a colorful cowboy character that entertains with original material and wild western wit. Enjoy songs like "Youíre Just Like a Cowboy," poems like "Canít Stand to Sit," and stories like "The Cowboy and the Cowbee."

Requirements: Flexible.

Audience:  School age and Adults/Seniors 

Fees: $275 and up.

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Bill Dougal