CCT: Sayers, Suzanne

{Theater Artist}

Suzanne Sayers
{Suzanne Sayers}
Suzanne specializes in theatre arts, multi-cultural storytelling, and social issue theatre. Residencies include: "Trickster Tales" (K-3), "Myth Makers" (4-8), "Abstract Theatre" (K-12), and "Slavery Underground Railroad" (4 & up). Programs have ties to history/social studies curriculum. Performances include: "Drama Around the World" (K-6), an interactive, multi-cultural storytelling performance featuring stories from West Africa, China, and Native America.

Requirements: Flexible.

Audience: All ages

Fees: Residency: $350 - $1,500 plus travel; Performances: $300. Multi-show pricing available.

Contact Information:
Suzanne Sayers
72 Vera Street, West Hartford, CT 06119