CCT: Nininger, Willie

{Folk Music Artist}

Willie Nininger
{Willi Nininger}
Willie is a versatile, inter-active singer-songwriter-guitarist well known for his extensive repertoire, spontaneous sense of humor and flatpicking guitar technique. Whether playing solo or with his band, Willie entertains almost any audience in a variety of musical styles. He has written songs for the Captain Kangaroo Show, sung the National Anthem at Shea Stadium, appeared on the TV show Hee Haw, and produced three CDs composed entirely of his own songs. Willie is also available for school concerts and songwriting workshops.  

Requirements: One electrical outlet. (Artist provides all sound equipment).

Audience: Kids from 1 to 92

Fees: $400-$1200. Schools/Workshops $400-$500.

Contact Information:

Willie Nininger
P.O. Box 367, Southbury, CT 06488