CCT: Keitt, Andre

{Storytelling Artist}

Andre Keitt
{Andre Keitt}
Andre spins tales from a list of over thirty programs, created from his love of reading about Africans, African Americans, dinosaurs, mystery and spooky stuff.  Martha Greatheart Thompson, “Mama Thompson,” sat her grandson Andre on her lap and told him stories that he would envision forever. He is a master storyteller whose programs include a treasure trove of circus tales, cultural ceremonies from around the world, as well as tales from the tropical islands and stories cooked up by his beloved “Mama Thompson.” Now Andre, The Greatheart Griot, flies on his magic storybook, to bring the tales, talk and tunes of many people, places and things to a location near you! 

Requirements: Sound needed

Audience: School age, family, adults, and intergenerational

Fees: School performances $400; multi-shows and residencies, seminars and workshops negotiable

Contact Information:
Andre Keitt
P.O. BOX 260556, Hartford, CT 06126