CCT: Greer, David

{Storytelling Artist}

David Greer
{David Greer}

David offers a unique repertoire of story and rhythm.  His dramatic interpretation of Dr. Martin Luther Kingís Letter from a Birmingham Jail has riveted audiences from Connecticut to Cairo (Egypt).  Davidís narrative dance piece, Dance Lesson, with music genre shifts and costume changes, takes viewers on an epic journey of Africans in the Americas.  David also performs and teaches Salsa dance.

David and Zillah Fluker are co-founders of One World Epic, an events production company.  As an elderly couple, Otis and Carrie Whitney, David and Zillah tell comical, yet enlightening tales from history.  They are also co-producers, directors, and writers of the Civil Rights musical Peculiar People, an upcoming solo play, and offer workshops on their repertoire and global experiences.

Requirements: Depends on performance.  Letter from Birmingham Jail:  8' x 8' space, a stool, and lavaliere mic. Dance Lesson: 18'd x 12'w space is ideal, no carpet, sound system. Otis and Carrie:  8' x 8' space and two chairs, mics necessary for large audiences. 

Audience: School Age, Adults/Seniors

Fees: Performances: $350 and up.  Workshops:  $500 and up.  Multi-show pricing available. 

Contact Information:
David H. Greer