CCT: Directory of Teaching Artists

Directory of Teaching Artists


The Directory of Teaching Artists includes artists from the following disciplines:


The Connecticut Office of the Arts is now accepting new artists to its Teaching Artist roster! Interested artists should review the guidelines.

The Connecticut Office of the Arts (COA) defines Arts Learning as teaching and learning in, about and through the arts.  COA believes that:

  • High quality art and arts integrated learning experiences promote creativity and critical thinking and advance cognitive, emotional and social health;
  • Arts learning is an essential component of Connecticut's vibrant communities.

COA is committed to advancing arts learning through high quality arts engagement, arts integration, arts exploration, creation, and discovery experiences.  In support, COA maintains a "Directory of Teaching Artists".

Teaching artists are individual practicing artists who specialize in teaching both in the classroom and in the community.  There is no requirement for teaching artists to be certified teachers.  The COA Directory of Teaching Artists is a reliable resource of high-quality Connecticut teaching artists who have been juried for excellence in their art forms and readiness and capacity to work in schools and community settings.  Directory teaching artists are teaching partners.  The passion, commitment, and skill that teaching artists bring to the classroom and to the community help to engage students (of all ages) in authentic learning, to advance creative and critical thinking, and help classroom teachers discover new ways to energize their instructional practice.

The Directory supports COA's education goal to advance teaching and learning along a 3-tiered "Continuum of Participation" from 1) Arts Access to 2) Arts Connection and Correlation, to 3) Arts Integration.  The tiers are progressive in the amount of time an artist engages with the same audience, the type and scope of planning involved in developing each project, and the depth of the learning experience the project provides.  Depending on individual interest, experience and practice some artists may be better suited for one type of project along the continuum than others.  COA encourages teaching artists to stay current and knowledgeable about educational trends, and we provide professional development for Directory teaching artists.

  • COA's Directory ensures a level of expertise determined through a rigorous application and review process.
  • The Directory serves as a catalogue from which presenters (entities that hire artists) may choose when applying to COA for fee support grants.
  • Inclusion in the Directory does not guarantee employment.
  • Inclusion in the Directory does not guarantee placement in a  COA Higher Order of Thinking (HOT) School.
  • Inclusion in the Directory requires teaching artists to remain in good standing. *
  • Inclusion in the Directory requires a commitment to ongoing professional development. *
            (* Please see Professional Development section in the guidelines)

General Eligibility:  Individual artists* who are;

  • 18 years or older;
  • Primary residents of Connecticut;
  • Professionally active in their arts discipline;
  • Available for teaching engagements in a variety of educational and community settings in Connecticut throughout the year; and
  • Willing to participate in professional development as outlined. *

Note:  For organizations that have teaching artists on staff who conduct residencies please note that each artist must apply to the Directory individually.

Selection Criteria:
Directory artists must exhibit excellence in their art form(s) and readiness and capacity to work in schools and in community settings.  Successful applicants must:

  • Be skilled as an artist;
  • Have experience planning and conducting residencies in school and/or community settings;
  • Exhibit ability to plan and conduct residencies;
  • Exhibit success in advancing arts learning;
  • Be available and willing to conduct residencies in Connecticut;
  • Exhibit a committment to ongoing professional development.

Selection Process:

  • Individual artists must submit a complete application including required support materials
  • Applicants will be reviewed for eligiblity
  • Ineligible applicants will be notified
  • Eligible applicants will advance to Teaching Artist review.  In Teaching Artist review, a panel consisting of artists, educators, and administrators will review applications and support materials periodically throughout the year
  • Following Teaching Artist review, applicants may be invited to participate in an in-person interview
  • Applicants may also be asked to schedule an observable sample lesson
  • The review team will deliberate at the end of this process
  • Artists will be notified by the Connecticut Office of the Arts regarding acceptance or recommendations

We recommended that artists interested in applying to the Directory review the guidelines and become familiar with the types of support documents and materials required at time of application.

For more information, contact Bonnie Koba at