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{Everyday Icon} The Gallery at Constitution Plaza
1 Constitution Plaza, 2nd Floor
Hartford, CT 06103

The Gallery at Constitution Plaza is dedicated to promoting cultural enrichment and visual understanding of the Connecticut Office of the Arts (COA) and its constituent organizations. The gallery features changing exhibitions that directly relate to programs administered by COA and the Department of Economic and Community Development.

Hours:  Monday-Friday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

  Free - sign in at the security desk and take the elevator to the second floor.

  Free - park in the Constitution Plaza South Garage (entrances on State Street and Kinsley Streets). Take the garage elevator to Level 4. Turn left and cross the garage to enter the One Constitution Plaza lobby. Sign in at the security desk and take the elevator to the 2nd floor. Have your parking stub validated when you leave.

Questions about the Gallery:
Contact Tamara Dimitri at or Michelle Parrish at Exhibitions are designed to promote COA/DECD programming and grantees, therefore we do not accept solicitations.

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Everyday Icon: An Exhibition of Artist Fellowship Recipients
April 23 - July 2, 2015
Opening Reception: 4:30-6:30pm, April 23, 2015

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features Connecticut artists whose work explores ordinary people, places, things, and ideas. Andrew Hogan (New Haven) uses his photography to explore the relationships among the ordinary social landscape, those that inhabit it, and the traces left behind. Brendan O’Connell (West Cornwall) paints the “everydayness” of things and people in American life using the interiors of Walmart as his subject matter. John O’Donnell (New Haven) creates installations that incorporate objects from popular media and consumer culture to examine social and cultural implications. Christine Osinski (Ridgefield) photographs young artists at the start of their journey to continually imagine and reinvent themselves and their work, placing them at the forefront of contemporary culture. Jessica Somers (Terryville) uses her photography to create visual metaphors reflecting her struggles, reflections, and fears pertaining to personal choices versus societal expectations in marriage and domestic life.

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{Andrew Hogan}
Andrew Hogan

{Brendan O}
Brendan O'Connell

{John O}
John O'Donnell

{Christine Osinski}
Christine Osinski

{Jessica Somers}
Jessica Somers

Coming Next:


MOVE: An Exhibition of Artist Fellowship Recipients
August 6 - November 6, 2015
Opening Reception: 4:30-6:30pm, August 6, 2015

features Connecticut artists who have received the Artist Fellowship from the Connecticut Office of the Arts. cici artist (Stamford) creates video art allowing viewers to see her drawings, paintings, and sculptures in motion. Zachary Keeting (New Haven) paints mutating shapes of curves and corners and vivid colors with energy between freedom and restraint. Jon Olivieri (New Milford) creates paintings inspired by his travels, geology, and scientific visualizations, focusing on climactic moments in movement. Noel Sardalla (New Haven) explores dynamic qualities in volume, space, and territory in his installations informed by nature, including swarming insects and birds and creatures like the octopus. Gwen Strahle (Dayville) paints still lifes of the same sets of objects that may shift from painting to painting, but the focus is on nesting and growth, stillness and movement.

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{Cici Artist}
cici artist

{Zachary Keeting}
Zachary Keeting

{Jon Olivieri}
Jon Olivieri

{Noel Sardalla}
Noel Sardalla

{Gwen Strahle}
Gwen Strahle

Past Exhibits:

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