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Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism
Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Schools
2008 Summer Institute

{Visible Learning: Arts with Intention}
July 14-18, 2008
Hilton Hartford Hotel
Hartford, CT
Registration Deadline July 1, 2008

HOT Schools, an arts in education program of the Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism, is funded by the Connecticut State Legislature and the
National Endowment for the Arts.

The Summer Institute

The HOT Schools Summer Institute, a hallmark of the HOT schools program, is an exceptional professional development venue designed to provide intellectual stimulation, creative growth, and opportunities for educators to rediscover their passion for teaching.

During this weeklong residential Institute, educators (teachers, parents, artists, school and arts administrators) from across Connecticut and the nation come together to be immersed in an arts integrated approach to teaching and learning. Participants work with some of the finest artists and educators in the country.

Through presentations, workshops, interactive demonstrations and performances, educators learn and share HOT Strategies and explore the HOT Approach to school renewal. Mornings are spent learning an arts integrated approach in a particular discipline or theory, while afternoons are dedicated to exploring individual creativity and raising one's comfort level in different art forms.

The Connecticut HOT Schools program, established in 1994, has served over 40 schools in all congressional districts reaching over 25,000 students, approximately 2,500 educators and 100 artist educators. The HOT Approach has been adopted by schools, arts organizations, and teaching artists across the country that are interested in understanding school culture change, curriculum integration, and arts-infused program design. In our partnering schools, we have established a supportive learning community, whose collective experience has molded the unique approach to teaching and learning that is HOT schools. The HOT Approach can be adopted by arts organizations, individual artists, and state and local arts agencies interested in understanding school culture, and curriculum design, and wishing to strengthen their school/arts partnerships and arts in education initiatives. The HOT Approach is designed to be flexible for adaptation and uniquely suited to help individual school communities address their specific needs and build community. The program directors work closely with each school to design a professional development plan to implement the HOT Approach.

Schools using the HOT Approach share a commitment to academic achievement through 3 essential components:

Strong Arts
Education in, about, and through the arts helps students develop critical thinking abilities, independent judgment and creative problem solving skills. The arts, as rigorous academic subjects, each with their own sequential comprehensive curricula, convey knowledge not learned through studying other academic disciplines and provide stimulating vehicles for children to communicate their ideas.
Arts Integration
Developing basic skills is central to the HOT Approach to school renewal. An interdisciplinary approach to teaching reinforces learning in all disciplines, encourages students to seek, establish and test connections, and allows them to synthesize relationships between ideas. Integrating the arts into all subjects and creating arts-rich environments enhances and reinforces the power of the arts in learning in each school community.
Democratic Practice
The arts provide avenues for expression in an authentic democracy. HOT Schools cultivate a school culture in which purposeful activities support choice, participation, connection and contribution to celebrate the unique voice of each member of the school community.  HOT School educators plan and work collaboratively and invite parent partnerships, input and participation.

For more information on the HOT Schools program, including how to become a HOT school, please visit CCT's website.

{Mime class from HOT Schools Summer Institute 2006}

Curriculum Dynamics through Theatre - Summer Institute 2006

Visible Learning: Arts with Intention 

The 2008 Institute theme “Visible Learning:  Arts with Intention” invites participants to examine the positive ways in which the arts change the learning process, and to explore methods to make the impact of arts learning visible.  Participants will explore ways to design and document instruction that intentionally engages students in, about, and through the arts.  The Institute will advance collaborative, professional development and leadership skills, highlight the value of partnerships in arts in education, and foster communication and the sharing of ideas.

Two 3-hour sessions dedicated to education personnel from arts organizations will reveal preliminary findings from CCT’s arts organization educators’ survey and engage participants in discussion related to arts in education programming.

For 2008, CCT, a member of New England Consortium of Artist Educator Professionals (NECAP), is also hosting the annual one-day NECAP conference, “Widening the Circle:  Making the Invisible Visible.”  The conference, attracting teaching artists from throughout New England, will be combined with the HOT Schools Institute on Monday, July 14, 2008.

The Institute faculty will include national experts and noted artists as well as Connecticut HOT School teachers, teaching artists and arts organization educators.

Keynote speakers include Kathleen Gaffney, Artistic Director and CEO of Arena Studio Theatre, Buffalo, NY; Dr. Fred Burton Principal of Witcliffe Progressive Community School, Columbus Ohio, with Mara Krechevsky and Melissa Rivard, Making Learning Visible project, Harvard Project Zero; Heather Winters and Joe Morley, Producers, "Class Act"; Christopher Eaves, Eavesdrop; and HOT Schools' own, Joan Hurley, Connecticut Teacher of the Year.

Who should attend the HOT Schools 2008 Summer Institute?

Administrators looking for a new vision to reshape their schools; classroom teachers seeking new perspectives, teaching strategies and an opportunity to re-energize and re-discover their creative spirit; parents interested in understanding the power of schools that reflect an arts-infused culture and the potential of partnering with educators in their child’s learning process. The HOT Approach can be adopted by arts organizations, individual artists, and state and local agencies (interested in understanding school culture and curriculum design), who wish to strengthen their school/arts partnerships and arts in education initiatives.

This weeklong Institute is choreographed to provide intellectual stimulation, creative growth and opportunities to rediscover your passion for education. Additionally, this year’s special 2-day arts and cultural organization track is designed to explore key issues and best practices in arts in education. These workshops, led by a skilled facilitator, will reveal preliminary findings from CCT’s arts organization educators’ survey and engage participants in discussion related to arts in education programming.

We encourage you to join us on this journey!

HOT Schools Staff:

Bonnie Koba,
CCT arts in education program manager, directs the HOT Schools Program.

Amy Freidman,
CCT arts in education program associate, assists organizing the HOT Schools Summer Institute.